Katz, Presenti & Co. offers services to Individuals, Companies, Organizations and Entrepreneurs who wish to protect their original inventions and developments.

The firm provides all services related to Patents registration and their protection in Israel and abroad. Katz, Presenti & Co. assists clients from the very first step of initial consultation to the drafting of the patent and its prosecution, and, in court against IP infringers. The firm’s professional staff handles all its clients’ needs in dealing with the Patent Office and courts in Israel and abroad.

In order to assure that every Patent receives the best possible protection, the firm’s senior staff, led by Patent Attorney Itzhak Katz and Advocate Dr. Sarah Presenti-Mor, conduct an internal examination of the idea in terms of its patentability, and takes into account the client’s professional and financial considerations. Based on the results of the internal examination, Katz, Presenti & Co. professional staff establishes a unique strategy for each client.

Katz, Presenti & Co. specializes in a wide range of fields including Hi tech Technologies, Software, Medical devices, Mechanics, Optics, Pharma, Chemistry, Aviation and Communications. The firm also handles complex cases that require fast registration, complex applications and deep technical knowledge.

Among the firm’s services:

  • Initial consultation to determine the idea’s patentability.
  • Searches and analysis.
  • Professional opinions.
  • Drafting and prosecuting applications.
  • Conducting FTO searches.
  • Conducting Due Diligence searches.
  • Arbitration services.
  • Drafting relevant legal agreements and Licensing.
  • Litigation services at various judicial and administrative bodies and all branches of Israeli Courts.