The design of products is often the key to success in the market place. Visual aspects such as shape assist businesses to bring their products to the attention of consumers and to distinguish themselves from their competitors. Registered Designs provide
businesses protection over their products based on their form. The registration of a Design can be pursued alongside a Patent or in its stead in circumstances in which a Patent registration isn’t an option.

Katz, Presenti & Co. specializes in providing services to companies that wish to register Designs in Israel and abroad. The firm’s professional team led by Patent Attorney Itzhak Katz and Advocate Dr. Sarah Presenti-Mor, provides a unique strategy for the best registration and protection of the client’s IP, based on their products and business needs. The firm’s
professional team puts together the applications and files them in Israel and abroad. In the event in which a client’s products are being infringed upon, Katz, Presenti & Co. attorneys represent the client in the courts to protect their IP rights.

Among the firm’s services:

  • Initial consultation to determine if the product can be registered as a Design.
  • Planning and executing the strategy of registration and protection.
  • Drafting the Design, filing, and prosecution of the application in Israel and abroad up to registration.
  • Arbitration servicesDrafting relevant legal agreements and Licensing.
  • Litigation services at various judicial andadministrative bodies and all branches of Israeli Courts.