The Senior Professional Team

Patent Attorney Itzhak Katz

Itzhak Katz is a Patent Attorney and Entrepreneur.

He began his professional career as an entrepreneur and inventor. Over the years, Mr. Katz has developed 13 Patents, which were registered worldwide. Alongside his entrepreneurship activity, Mr. Katz has held key positions in areas of Software engineering and R&D, which provides him with a rich technical background, which he applies in his work at Katz, Presenti & Co.

In 1992, Mr. Katz was among the team who founded Zen Research, which specialized in developing advanced DVD/CD. As part of his job, Mr. Katz managed the R&D department and specialized in a variety of technological areas, including Computer Science, digital and analogue Electronics, Optics and Mechanics. In 2000, the company was offered on the London Stock exchange at the value of 450 Million Dollars.

As an expert in Intellectual Property, Patent Attorney Katz has fulfilled several professional positions in leading Law firms and companies, including the position of Director of Intellectual Property at Mobiley. During the past decade, Mr. Katz has led the
activities of Katz, Presenti & Co. As head of Katz, Presenti & Co. , Mr. Katz has successfully assisted hundreds of entrepreneurs and organizations, utilizing his broad knowledge of the Israeli entrepreneur, business, and technology world.

As part of his military service, Patent Attorney Katz was a navigator in the Israeli Air Force, and today is a member of the business club “Golden Wings.” In addition, Mr. Katz is a member of AIPPI.

Patent Attorney Katz, hold a B.Sc. in Computer Engineering from the University of Northridge in Lost Angeles, and a M.Sc. in Computer Engineering from British Columbia University in Vancouver (UBC), and is also a graduate of Patent Attorney course at Bar Ilan University in Israel.

Ronen Presenti

Managing Partner

Ronen Presenti is the Katz-Presenti & Co. partner who manages overall daily work flow and activities, including marketing, business development, finances, client relations, and foreign associate relations. Ronen, born in IL, also lived in the US where he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Cinema studies from Columbia College, Chicago, Illinois. Ronen is a seasoned IP marketing and business development professional, whose extensive skills were acquired during about ten years of managerial and hands-on experience in marketing and paralegal activities at established patent attorney firms and law firms.
In early 2015, Ronen was recruited by Patent Attorney Itzhak Katz who, until then, maintained his own firm for many years.
In March 2017, Ronen became Managing Partner and the name of the firm changed to Katz-Presenti & Co..

Advocate Dr. Sarah Presenti-Mor

Among the leading attorneys in the field of Intellectual Property in Israel.

Upon receiving her license in 1982, Dr. Presenti-Mor founded and headed
the firm Dr. Sarah Presenti & Co. Over the years, Dr. Presenti-Mor served hundreds of companies and organizations, mainly in the fields of Medical Devices, Software, Electronics and Mechanics.

Alongside her Legal activity, Dr. Presenti-Mor represented the state of Israel in a long line of committees and official events in Israel and abroad. She was a member of the Gabay Committee and Ophir Committee as a representative of the Justice Department and took part in the drafting of the New Copyrights Law 1999. Dr. Presenti-Mor has also served as a judge in the Disciplinary court of the Bar of Associates.

During the past two decades, Dr. Presenti has lectured in several academic institutions, including in Ben Gurion University, the Open University and the Interdisciplinary College in Herzelia. Today, Dr. Presenti is a senior lecturer at Kineret Academic Center. Dr. Presenti has published four books on the subject of Intellectual Property, along with many articles that were published in magazines and professional publications in Israel and abroad.

Adv. Dr. Sarah Presenti hold a Ph.D. in Law from the Sorbonne – Pantheon
Assas Paris II in Paris, and a LLB from Tel Aviv University.